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      We at United Resource Connection respect your right to privacy, and will do whatever we can to make your privacy technologically possible on this website.

      There are generally three types of private information that others may have access to when you browse the internet or use a particular website: 1) Information you are asked to provide as a requirement for services, such as when you register for a service on a website, 2) Information you volunteer, such as when you post a comment on social media blogs, etc., and 3) Invisible Technological Information, which nonetheless may be very personally revealing, that is generated whenever you interact with technology.

      The Privacy Policy of United Resource Connection attempts to provide you with realistic expectations about your privacy in these three areas, in terms that are easy to understand. It also attempts to identify resources that can help you maximize your anonymity online should you want to, and to inform you to the best of our knowledge, under what circumstances information you disclose is passed along to other entities.

      To read the current version of our privacy policy please visit

      The technologies, operations, and policies at United Resource Connection are open for peer commentary in these forums. Please post in this thread any comments you have about our privacy policy, we invite your open participation. Thank you for using United Resource Connection.

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