A horse ride for the MMIW

Recently, there has been a larger scale push to recognize and honor the Indigenous Murder or Missing Women across the country. Sacred Horse Society of the Isanti, Ihanktonwan, Kul Wicasa, Hun’kpatina and Sisi’tonwan Oyate’ conducted a Memorial Horseback Ride on May 25th ending June 1st on the Santee Sioux Reservation in Nebraska. One of the stops was Old Fort Thompson in which the Sacred Horse Society wanted to honor the grandmothers who endured so much back then. Also to remember the three hundred plus children who died there at Crow Creek from starvation and malnutrition? An era that lasted from 1863 to 1866 while under guard of the US Army. After honoring these individuals, the trip was completed in Pierre, South Dakota at the State Capitol Building. This was the ending spot of the trip in which the Society had brought out awareness of the Murdered, Missing Indigenous Women across Turtle Island.


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