Black Hills businesses are about to ‘Get the Pack Back’ to United Way

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RAPID CITY — Fundraising season is in full swing for United Way of the Black Hills. Many generous employees from Black Hills businesses have contributed to the United Way this year.

“The people of the Black Hills are truly generous,” said Jamie Toennies, Executive Director. The United Way of the Black Hills has an ambitious goal this year: to raise over $2.1 million. The reason for this sizable goal? “We exist to make long-term impacts on the communities of the Black Hills,” explained Toennies. “We’re not going for band-aid solutions.”

One of the primary ways the United Way raises money is through the generosity of employees in Black Hills workplaces. Throughout the fall, employees were challenged to contribute to the United Way. On November 17, workplaces will gather up those donations and pledge cards and bring them to the United Way Headquarters in Rapid City for an annual event called Get the Pack Back. Workplaces who bring their campaign packets back to UWBH HQ on November 17 between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. will receive a free doughnut and coffee. Participating workplaces are welcome to hold check presentations and take photos during Get the Pack Back.

With inflation impacting families across the Black Hills, more people are turning to United Way partner organizations for relief. “More people are relying on the hand up that our partner organizations are offering,” Toennies shared. “But the problem is that charitable giving goes down typically when the economy struggles. It’s a double whammy.”

Every dollar received by the United Way of the Black Hills stays local. “The money raised from our campaign is given out in grants to programs in the Black Hills that are having a positive impact on education, financial stability and health for our community members,” Toennies explained. “Last year 45 local programs were helped with these funds.”

One of these local programs funded is the Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity. With the assistance of the UWBH, Black Hills Area Habitat is able to help families find affordable places to live. “Housing, like a lot of other needs, is becoming more and more difficult for working families to secure. That’s why it’s important, now more than ever, to keep our local nonprofits fully funded,” Toennies said.

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