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      All Chapters of United Resource Connection are hosted by eco-friendly data servers at NATURALDADDY GREEN WEB-HOSTING, A Cincinnati Based Green Web Hosting Company. NATURALDADDY provides web applications and servers 100% driven by wind and solar power for niche communities interested in divesting their cloud-based services from fossil fuels, and is the only green web hosting company in the Greater Cincinnati area. NATURALDADDY is a local subsidiary of CYBERCASEMANAGER ENTERPRISES, formed when the financial advantages of sharing data servers and web hosting management talent became apparent. NATURALDADDY was incorporated as a separate entity in the winter of 2013. If you have any questions about our data servers or our relationship with NATURALDADDY we will try to answer them here.

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      This post is very old– there are fortunately many more options for hosting these days that provide servers powered by sustainable means than when we first partnered with Natural Daddy. Natural Daddy’s Green Web Hosting service was unable to stay profitable with the increase in other sustainable hosting options available locally, and so we had to find another provider. Our technology contract with CYBERCASEMANAGER ENTERPRISES currently allows all our hosting needs to be brokered through them so that we can keep we can stay single focused (undistracted) on our social service goals. If you have any questions about the sustainability of the hosting and other technology services we use, you can post those questions here.

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