We Build Collaborative Culture


Our mission is to enhance the delivery system of community resources to people in need. Our platform is designed to improve communication and collaboration among multiple secular and non-secular agencies, such that people in need can more easily navigate the complexity of the social service sector. We provide a single gateway online for people to identify services, eligibility requirements, and the availability of multiple providers. The gateway comes pre-populated with federal resource information and we provide staff to work with community providers to add local resource information, keep it updated, and to assist people using the technology. Our platform facilitates collaborative leadership and more efficient information sharing among your locally dispersed community social service providers.




We Help People Find Social Service Resources.
Our Gateway is Unique In Several Ways:


1) We bridge secular and nonsecular community resources, providing not only greater possibilities for interagency communication and collaboration, but greater depth of support for people in need.
2) Our directory is dynamically interactive, not a static printout of resources. This enables the public directory to be more responsive to people with actual boots on the ground reporting real time changes in eligibility requirements and availability of specific resources. Our directory is a living document with ongoing community input moderated by our staff.
3) We’re a community document server, not just a directory. More than just addresses and phone numbers, we provide direct links to downloadable documents, as well as a mechanism for uploading additional forms, workbooks, and checklists relevant to the local community. This saves community providers bandwidth and the hassle of maintaining upload security on their own sites.
4) Our platform is mobile and multilingual. Our platform is responsive on mobile devices, broadening when and where community resources can be identified. We also offer translation tools that allow all content to be viewed in any language preferred, increasing accessibility to all in need. We additionally offer multilingual phone support for the visually impaired.
5) We’re Secure. We follow contemporary best practice security protocols to prevent spam and other forms of cyber attack. Additionally, every page on our platform uses HTTPS protocol, and we continually optimize our encryption to reasonably assure your visitors that they can view the local resource information with the highest level of privacy and anonymity.
6) We have technology partners to help keep social service communication and collaboration efficiently up-to-date in a rapidly changing technological world. We help insure that social service providers and the people they serve will continue to have access to the newest collaborative communication technologies.
7) We facilitate collaborative culture. We don’t just provide technology, we also provide staff devoted to enhancing the collaborative culture among resource providers in your community. In addition to meeting with agency leadership and providing their staff and community with training, we provide the framework and staff to support a quality assurance committee that is 100% collaboratively led and operated by local stakeholders from multiple agencies in your community.




Deployment & Quality Assurance


We can deploy our system in small, rural, single zip code communities, as well as larger urban communities covering multiple zip codes. Providing a central access point for communities to share social service resource information is a community investment that helps individuals and families in need through increased breadth and efficiency of support.
We provide staff to help insure content quality of the knowledge management system. We additionally provide the framework and bylaws for a Quality Assurance (QA) Committee, made up entirely of local stakeholders. This committee serves as a judiciary to resolve any quality assurance issues and collectively elects its own leadership for oversight of the platform’s content. Our staff provides this oversight until the community has a quorum and operational interest to elect its own leadership.
We are proud to provide an organizational platform that is democratic, transparent, and cultivates participatory engagement among social service providers and the people they serve. Come partner with us to deploy a social service knowledge management system in your community.




Current Initiatives


We are currently providing services in over 18 cities. We have urban multi-zip code coverage areas like Cincinnati, Ohio and smaller rural single zip code coverage areas like Cannon Ball in Sioux County, ND. If you are interested in supporting our mission to enhance the delivery system of social services please consider following our activity, and making a tax deductible contribution to one of our initiatives.
We are currently developing two initiatives: 1) to provide a social service knowledge management system in each of the 100 poorest zip codes in the United States; and 2) to work directly with city and state officials to enhance the delivery system of social services in everyone’s home town.



United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


You can view a list of our local chapters at: localresource.info


Contact us for more Information:
Toll Free (800) 341-3946