Interagency Communication Platform

Boots-on-the-Ground Communications: In addition to producing a local social service news feed and podcast, United Resource Connection provides a direct messaging platform for “boots-on-the-ground” community case workers, to support interagency communication and collaboration. This platform also enables teams to create both in-house and interagency groups, to simplify group messaging and document sharing within and between agencies. Groups can be private, invitation-only groups, or open to the broader community.

No Surveillance Capitalism: Think of it as a “Social Service Social Network” with all the user benefits of other online social networking platforms, but without the surveillance capitalism. United Resource Connection is an 501c3 nonprofit organization devoted to the privacy of individuals using the network. We don’t have a profit incentive to disguise loop holes in our privacy policy, or to make our privacy policy difficult to understand.

A central access point for communities to share social service resource information is a community investment that helps individuals and families in need through increased breadth of support.

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United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.