We Provide 3 Types of Resource Libraries:

Library of Agencies & Programs. We partner with the United Way to provide an online library portal where anyone in your region can search for local social service agencies and services. The portal facilitates searches by zip code, city name, and/or type of service. Search results provide the address and phone number of each service provider, along with a description of the services provided. Agencies can easily be added and updated in this database, and buttons within the portal allow any search results to be easily printed or shared by email.

Easy access to addresses and phone numbers is important for connection to services. One’s search for addresses and phone numbers of a familiar agency can also lead to incidental discovery of services they didn’t know existed. This online library is open to the public and can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

Library of Utilization Resources. We additionally provide a public library of application/intake forms, clinical tools, educational workbooks and other resource utilization tools by category. This is helpful for local social workers as well as the general public trying to access resources. It allows smaller agencies to share their service application forms with the public, online, even if they can’t afford their own IT department. It also allows individuals and families to start the application process for needed services even before their first meeting with an agency’s staff. Agencies that do have application forms accessible on their own websites can have our library link to those forms, which creates a one-stop online repository for application forms to area services.

Forms can easily be uploaded to this library. These forms are reviewed to ensure compliance with community standards, and placed into easily identifiable social service categories, such as “food & clothing assistance”, “mental health resources”, “housing assistance”, “financial assistance”, “transportation assistance”, etc., see full list here. Documents in this library can be easily searched by resource category or by their specific name. Search results allow direct download of the forms, and can be easily printed or shared via email.

In-House Documents (interagency/private). We also provide multiple private libraries for agencies to share documents in-house with their staff and/or with staff of their partner agencies. Each of these libraries can either be designated as private, allowing entry only to registered staff of a particular agency, or interagency, allowing entry to staff from partner agencies. These libraries allow remote workers to access documents and staff directories they may need in the field, from their own agency, or from one of their partner agencies. This makes interagency collaboration more successful and efficient, especially when agencies may each require different sets of forms for connection of clients to their services.

Using these online libraries, individual staff at one agency can more easily reach staff and paperwork needed at other agencies. This is essential to helping an individual or family connect to services when those service needs can only be met by the collaboration of multiple agencies. We provide the interagency IT department to make the collaborative ideal a reality in your community.

Security: We maintain the highest standards of security, requiring no ports of entry to your agency network or client data. We use https encryption on every process of our network, confine all document sharing to .pdf format only, and have a privacy policy that actually values and promotes privacy. United Resource Connection is devoted to enhancing the collaborative culture of social service providers in a manner that protects security and efficiency for the whole community.

A central access point for communities to share social service resource information is a community investment that helps individuals and families in need through increased breadth of support.

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United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.