Donations to United Resource Connection are Tax Deductible

You may donate online or by check (see mailing address below)


Matching Gifts are an easy way to double or even triple your donation to United Resource Connection. Many companies support employee philanthropy by offering matching gift programs. By taking advantage of your employer’s matching gift program, you can maximize the value of your gift at no additional cost.

Will your employer match your gift?

Matching gift guidelines are determined by your employer. Please talk to your employer about their specific matching gift guidelines. If you do not see our company listed, please contact your Human Resources department to get United Resource Connection added to your company’s list of approved charities. While there, also ask if they have a “volunteer hours” matching program. Many companies will match an employee’s time spent volunteering with a financial gift to the nonprofit. Learn more about the volunteer hour matching programs.

How does a matching gift program work?

Note: Programs may vary from company to company, however, the overall process is usually very simple:

1. Confirm that your company has a matching gifts program and obtain the appropriate Matching Gifts Form from your employer. Matching gifts must be employee initiated. United Resource Connection cannot request the match. Your company may already have United Resource Connection in its database. Try looking us up by our United States Tax ID Number 20-2366090, with our mailing address: 1730 Section Rd Unit 37040, Cincinnati OH 45222, or our email address

2. Complete the verification form provided by your employer, either online or by paper, and send it to United Resource Connection at our postal or email address: United Resource Connection, 1730 Section Rd Unit 37040, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

3. United Resource Connection will verify your donation and send the form back to your company.

4. Your company will send a matching gift contribution to United Resource Connection!

Our nonprofit information

For your reference, our United States Tax ID is: 20-2366090

Need a copy of our IRS Letter of Determination for 501(c)(3) status? Click here.

Matching gifts should be directed to United Resource Connection Matching Gifts


via phone: +1-800-341-3946; or

via postal mail: United Resource Connection, 1730 Section Rd Unit 37040, Cincinnati OH 45222, USA

Organizations we know to have matching gift programs:

General Electric$5,000General Electric’s matching gift program
Soros Fund Management$300,000Soros’ matching gift program
BP$5,000BP’s matching gift program
Gap Corporation$10,000Gap’s matching gift program
State Street Corporation$35,000State Street Corporation’s matching gift program
ExxonMobil$22,500ExxonMobil’s matching gift program
CarMax$10,000CarMax’s matching gift program
Johnson & Johnson$20,000Johnson & Johnson’s matching gift program
Choice Hotels$1,500Choice Hotels’ matching gift program
Microsoft$15,000Microsoft’s matching gift program

Additional Ways to Support Us

Amazon Smile  .5% of your purchases on Amazon are donated to our charity when you sign up for this program. Signing up is easy. Goto, and login as if it’s your normal amazon account. Then go to the “Account and Lists” tab (the one that says “Hello, [your name]”) and select the “Your AmazonSmile” option from the dropdown menu. There is a “Select/Change Charity” button on the right side of the page — clicking on it will give you the ability to search for and select “United Resource Connection”. Now your Amazon purchases are benefiting United Resource Connection. Thank you!

Kroger Community Rewards  Each time you shop using your Kroger Plus card, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice. Start online at Create an account (if you haven’t done so already). Then under your Account Summary, go to “Plus Card and Alt IDs”, and add your Kroger Plus card number. Then scroll down to edit “Community Rewards” and enter the Organization number “58069” for United Resource Connection. Select our name from the resulting list and click “confirm”. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see “United Resource Connection” at the bottom of the Account Summary page. Kroger requires that you update your preferences annually, so please consider using a calendar app to set an annual reminder to re-designate United Resource Connection as your preferred charity.

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