Corporate Volunteer Hour Match Program

Many companies will match the time you spend volunteering for us with a financial donation to our organization. There’s a chance that your employer has one of these “volunteer hour matching programs”.

Volunteer hours with us include tasks like editing the social service news feed on local branches of United Resource Connection, or spending time researching and editing social service resource information and updates. We also have volunteers who spend time moderating and editing submissions in our resource library and forums –and even geeks who volunteer their time for white hat hacking (security evaluation) of our properties. Learn more about opportunities to volunteer for United Resource Connection.

How does the Volunteer Hour Match program work?

Although programs may vary from company to company, the process is usually very simple:

1. Confirm that your company has a volunteer matching hours program and obtain the appropriate Matching Hours Form or website link from your employer. Volunteer matching hours must be employee initiated. United Resource Connection cannot request the match of your volunteer service.

2. Complete the paper form and send it to United Resource Connection at our physical donations address: United Resource Connection, 1730 Section Rd Unit 37040, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
or email the form to:; or submit your hours via the link your HR Department gives you.

3. United Resource Connection will send the completed form back to your company, verifying the volunteer hours you provided us.

4. Your company will send a matching contribution to United Resource Connection.

Volunteer Hour Matches should be directed to:

Cindy Wilson
For your reference, our United States Tax ID is: 20-2366090