Social Service News Broadcasting

One of the main features we provide is a local social service news channel for disseminating updates about service availability and application protocols. Any service provider in your region can submit news updates to be approved for your local broadcast.

We curate the content submitted to insure compliance with community standards, make it multilingual, and add text-to-speech technology to automatically disseminate an audio podcast of the news. Anyone can freely subscribe to the podcast, and/or to an email summary of all the social service news posted over the previous week. You can view our rules for curating content here.

We allow providers in your region to submit their social service news updates manually or automatically. We provide a local portal that community members can use to manually submit news. If a local service provider has an RSS channel appropriate for our re-broadcast, they can submit it for evaluation. If approved, posts on that RSS channel will automatically be included in our local broadcast.

We provide tech support and training, as well as consultation if your agency needs help implementing RSS technologies. Inclusion of RSS broadcasts require an annual fee that supports our nonprofit mission. In special cases this fee can be lowered or waved, so please inquire about these circumstances if needed.

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A central access point for communities to share social service resource information is a community investment that helps individuals and families in need through increased breadth of support.

United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.