Cybercasemanager has Rebranded

Cybercasemanager Incorporated has rebranded as United Resource Connection. This page is a place-holder to discuss the rebranding in more detail. If you are looking for, it is now located at

Originally launched in 2003 as an Ohio nonprofit organization, served the greater Cincinnati and Chicago metropolitan areas, providing technological resources to enhance the delivery system of mental health services to people in need. The website averaged 24 hundred unique visitors per month, nearly half a million hits per year, and had 457 registered users prior to any professional marketing initiatives.

With the rebranding in 2011, United Resource Connection took over the operations of Cybercasemanager, focusing mostly on increasing mission functionality of the Cincinnati Chapter, and template work toward production of a single-click solution for spawning local chapters throughout the United States.

Our mission remains the same — to work toward substantially improving the delivery system of services to low-income metropolitan adults, children, and families, by providing a platform for direct inter-agency coordination, communication, and awareness of existing local resources. This includes advocating for more user-friendly coordination between public transportation, housing, primary health care, mental health and addiction treatment services.

If you have any questions about the rebranding of cybercasemanager, you can contact me at stefan dot densmore at united resource connection dot com. Thank you for supporting the collaborative!

Stefan Densmore,
CEO, President & Janitor,
United Resource Connection