Deployment & Quality Assurance


We can deploy in small towns in rural counties, like Cannon Ball in Sioux County, North Dakota (Standing Rock), as well as cities in larger urban counties, like Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Ohio.


We provide staff to help insure content quality. Our staff partners with your local leadership to build and assist a Quality Assurance team, made up entirely of local stakeholders. This committee serves as a judiciary to resolve any quality assurance issues, and collectively elects its own leadership for oversight of local content. Our staff provides this oversight only until the community has a quorum and operational interest to elect its own leadership.


We are proud to provide a platform that is democratic, transparent, and cultivates participatory engagement among social service providers and the people they serve. Come partner with us to enhance the delivery of social services in your community.


Providing a central access point for communities to share social service resource information is a community investment that helps individuals and families in need through increased breadth of support.


United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.