DMCA, HIPAA, Civility, and Privacy Policies


This is a summary of some information in our TERMS OF SERVICE.


DMCA STATEMENT: “DMCA” stands for the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”, which is a federal law that tries to protect the rights of certain individuals and corporations. The law requires that website owners, like us, have a policy in place for people to report any cases of suspected copyright infringement found on our website. Please make sure that you are only sharing resources that you are legally allowed to share, and REPORT any suspected violations of copyright, using our DMCA report form.

HIPAA STATEMENT:  “HIPAA” stands for the “Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act”, which is a Federal law that among other things attempts to protect the privacy rights of everyone’s health care information. If you believe an individual’s private health care information has inappropriately been shared on our network in a manner which violates this accountability act, contact us immediately to identify where the content in question is posted. To the extent technologically possible we will pull the content off the internet by removing it from our network. At our sole discretion we may further suspend and/or terminate the account responsible for the content being posted, and notify relevant authorities. If you are a healthcare professional in receipt of private health care information of others, you know not to post that information publicly in discussion forums such as these. We will notify any relevant licensing boards and terminate your account if you demonstrate otherwise.

CIVILITY POLICY: Our TERMS OF SERVICE has a section that goes to great lengths to define all the things you may NOT do on this website. By registering an account you have agreed to these rules. Please keep your comments civil. Don’t attack other readers personally. Keep your language decent. Don’t post spam, pornography, hate speech, or threats to self or others. Your ability to post content on on our network may be suspended or terminated if you violate the spirit of this policy. If you discover content that appears to violate these standards, please report it so we can take action. 

PRIVACY POLICY: We respect your right to privacy and will do whatever we can to make your privacy technologically possible on our websites. Our policy attempts to provide you with realistic expectations about your privacy in terms that are easy to understand. It also attempts to identify resources that can help you maximize your anonymity online should you want to, and to inform you to the best of our knowledge under what circumstances information you disclose is passed along to other entities. The full version of our Privacy Policy can be read here.

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