Epilepsy Health News added to RSS News Feed

We’ve added epilepsy health news to the rss feed available at all local chapters of United Resource Connection. Epilepsy is a condition that about 50 million people are estimated to have worldwide. If you or someone you know has epilepsy, it is a great asset to have access to the most recent national and world research news.

The epilepsy health news feed is provided by Medical News Today, and joins 18 other topics updated daily on all local chapters of United Resource Connection.

The other news feed includes the following topics: Nutrition, Mental Health, Public Health, Men’s Health, Quitting Smoking, Pharmaceutical Industry News, Women’s Health, Schizophrenia, Seniors and Aging, Medicare & Medicaid News, Depression, Health Insurance News, Hypertension, Bipolar Disorders, Veterinary News, Fitness & Obesity, Alcoholism & Addiction, and Sports Medicine.

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