New Cybercasemanager with Open Source CMS

Please note “Cybercasemanager Enterprises” has rebranded as “United Resource Connection”. More information about the rebranding can be found here:

opensource-logoHi, my name is Stefan Densmore, founder of Cybercasemanager Enterprises. Those familiar with from the beginning have seen a lot of changes to the website over the years. From its simple beginnings as a single page listing frequently used Cincinnati Mental Health internet links, the enterprise has taken off to host a variety of additional resources and has even expanded to include Chicago, Illinois. A significant milestone has been reached with the most recent launch, which I’d like to take a moment to discuss.

One of the first things you may notice is that no longer defaults to the Cincinnati localization, but instead leads here, to this administrative blog. The thinking behind this was that the front end of the web site should be set aside to highlight the mission objectives of cybercasemanager, detail progress on those objectives, and invite peer review.

This format also allows the city localizations to stay what they are, as an online knowledge base of local resources, rather than the resource deficient corporate publicity billboard that most websites for social services unfortunately have become. So this will be the billboard, in all its stuffiness, you can check in as often as you like, or completely ignore it by making a bookmark for a direct link to the localization of interest.

For the past year, behind the scenes, we have been experimenting with a powerful new engine for our Content Management System (CMS). Code-named Cybermu, the new CMS is an installation of the open source semantic publishing platform wordpress mu (pronounced mew, like a cat). We chose to use the same open source solution to handle content management as that used by Harvard University, The New York Times, and Le Monde. The new mu engine enables multiple (literally hundreds of thousands of) integrated sub-installations, which is of particular usefulness to the cybercasemanager enterprise, given the ability to easily add new cities as our model grows.

Aside from the new look, and the addition of forums, the Cincinnati website is basically the same.  The Chicago website, however, has seen a major overhaul. Before the changeover, the Chicago website had not seen an upgrade of their system in years; they were still operating from the simple list of frequently used resource links that defined the earliest version of cybercasemanager. They now have the full functionality afforded to the Cincinnati website.

As mentioned before, the transition to the wordpress mu engine allows us to easily add new cities, with these full features, at very little overhead. With interest and support from users like you, we hope to add more cities to in the coming years. If you’d like to help, please visit our “Support Us” page, and take a couple minutes to review the number of ways you can be involved.

We have also opened up the administrative management of the site, in a grassroots fashion, for case managers, doctors, social workers, nurses, and other direct service providers to join our board of advisors, via input in our peer review forums. This is a big experiment, no doubt about it, and unprecedented as far as I know. See the “Peer Review” page to fill out the online application if you are interested.


Edited 9/29/12 to reflect changes in how to join our board of advisors.

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