US Passport Application Fees Waived for EBT Recipients

The United States Department of Homeland Security provides Citizenship & Immigration Services, that include fee waivers for individuals that can demonstrate an inability to pay filing fees for various citizenship and immigration documents. The Form to Request a Fee Waiver and the Instructions for Completion are both available as .pdf documents. This

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Shared by United Resource Connection July 9, 2024

Social Security Statements Available Online

The Social Security Administration creates an annual statement for each individual, showing how much you have paid in Social Security and Medicare taxes, and how much you would get in Social Security benefits when you reach full retirement age. The Social Security Administration recalculates your retirement benefit each year after

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Shared by United Resource Connection July 5, 2024

Extra money this summer for kids meals

Extra money is available to SNAP recipients this summer to make sure kids are getting the meals they need during summer break. Traditionally there has been no change in the amount of SNAP benefits one receives during the school year and summer, despite the fact that children have lunch provided

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Shared by United Resource Connection June 27, 2024

Sesame Street Child Development Resources Available Online

Sesame Street (dot) org has a number of developmental resources on multiple topics ranging from asthma and autism, to daily routines, dealing with divorce, traumatic experiences, and parental addiction. These resources can be helpful inside or outside of clinical settings to support children dealing with difficult circumstances. One can search

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 2, 2024

The Significance of Black History Month

This Month is Black History Month, which is officially recognized by the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, and the Netherlands. Black History Month originated in the U.S., where it is also known as African-American History Month. The precursor to Black History Month was Black History Week which was first

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 1, 2024

Resources on Social Security Gov Website

The Social Security Administration website provides direct access to do things like: Check eligibility for benefits, Plan for retirement, Apply for benefits, Sign up for Medicare, Appeal a decision, and/or Check application or appeal status. They offer four portals on their website to accomplish these tasks: there’s a “Documents” portal,

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Shared by United Resource Connection January 26, 2024